We are the exclusive manufacturer and exporter
of woven & knit garments based on client’s specification
About Us
Our Vision
We do not compromise on the quality at any stage and strive for consistent quality always, which has been the hallmark of our success. Our Products are in tune with latest trends focusing on contemporary designs and scheduled deliveries. Also we will work as per Customer Quality Standards.

Success of Naina is contributed to its highly motivated and qualified personnel. The bond between the employer and the employee creates an ideal atmosphere at Naina. The company’s uncompromising business ethics, integrity and adherence to the quality standards encourage and provide great inspiration to every employee of Naina. Also receiving respect and admiration from clients all over the world ensures continued success. Success at Naina is not the end result. Success as per Naina lies in the process. A process filled with dedication, concentration and whole hearted participation.

Quality in the beginning, Quality in the middle and Quality at the end. From the raw material selection through the various stages of production, to the shipment, an ever vigilant eye is maintained by Naina.

Quality factors like testing of composition, construction, dimensional stability, color fastness, strength and fabric / garment performance test are continuously monitored by Naina with the help of internationally recognized testing lab to avoid rejection at any level. Naina’s quality programme is further supported by using quality accessories and packing materials to enhance the product. Naina’s high speed sampling and production completed in the shortest possible time is greatly appreciated world-wide. Naina, with the interest to exhibit its inherent quality standards, is working towards the much coveted ISO certification.